Sagging skin, wrinkles, and disproportionate features could negatively impact your confidence and how you view your appearance. Fortunately, there are many options available that can rejuvenate and alter your face to give you a younger, more attractive look. If you feel the desire to change your facial appearance when you look in the mirror, take the next step and schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Changing your face’s appearance is straightforward with the various options for facial plastic surgery in Richmond. There are procedures that could make you appear more youthful overall and others that alter specific features of your face. Regardless of the exact type of cosmetic change you want to make, there is an excellent facial plastic surgery option for you.

Which Surgeries are Best for Facial Rejuvenation?

If you want to rejuvenate your facial appearance, there are several different types of facial plastic surgery in Richmond which can make your skin look younger, firmer, and more defined.


A facelift removes sagging skin and excess fat or tissue to reduce wrinkles, enhance facial contours, and create a fresh, youthful, and attractive appearance. The surgery provides longer-lasting results if performed at a younger age but is available for anyone with visible aging signs.

Mid Facelift / Mini Facelift

This minimally invasive type of Facelift is for people with less significant signs of aging. It can improve sagging jowls, marionette lines, and nasolabial folds with a shorter recovery time and fewer risks of complications.

Neck Lift

If you want to rejuvenate the lower half of your face, consider getting a neck lift. This procedure removes wrinkled and sagging skin to create a smoother, firmer, and more refined neck and jawline. It also removes excess fat and tissue for a slimming effect.

Eyelid Lift

Puffiness, wrinkles, and sagging skin around the eyes can make you look tired and aged. An eyelid lift can reduce these aging signs on the upper and lower eyelids for a healthy and refreshed look.

Forehead and Brow Lift

Even if you have a smoother and younger-looking forehead, a brow or forehead lift could remove excess and sagging skin to reduce any aging signs. This treatment can also lift your eyebrows to a higher placement, making you look more attractive and alert.

Plastic Surgery Procedures for Facial Feature Alterations

In addition to surgeries that aim for an overall rejuvenated appearance, there are several options that we perform at our Richmond office that can specifically alter your unique facial features.


A rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, surgically changes the nose’s size, shape, and symmetry for an attractive look. This procedure aims to reshape the nose’s skin, bone, and cartilage in proportion with other features for an improved facial balance. This surgery could also reduce any difficulties with breathing.

Chin Augmentation

In a well-proportioned face, the nose and chin extend to the same length. If your chin is weak, meaning it does not extend as far as your nose, a chin augmentation using an implant can correct this issue. By enhancing your chin, your face will appear more balanced and appealing.

Cheek Enhancement

Your cheeks lose volume and form wrinkles with age as collagen production and skin elasticity decrease. A cheek enhancement restores the volume of your cheeks while reducing wrinkles with dermal filler injections for a younger look.

Cheek Reduction

Excess fat within the cheeks can result in a plumper appearance that you may find unattractive. A cheek reduction removes excess fat with liposuction techniques from the cheeks for a slimmer look and enhanced contours.

Ear Surgery

Ear surgery is a procedure for ears that protrude from the head, ears that are misshapen, or injured ears. Dr. Montante may “pin” the back of the ears to the head with permanent sutures, or he may reshape the ear lobes using cartilage, as necessary. This procedure can sometimes be done on patients as young as age six.

Facial Fat Grafting

Facial Fat Grafting allows you to harvest fat from areas with too much, such as the abdomen and hips, and reinject it into areas of the face or neck that have lost volume. This is an anti-aging procedure that is an alternative to dermal fillers. Since you cannot have an allergic reaction to your own fat, it is especially safe, as well as long-lasting. Also, at the same time, it allows you to reduce lower body areas if you choose.

MODA Makeover

MODA stands for “Minimally Operative Directed Aesthetics.” It is a treatment that promises minimal incision, minimal recovery, and maximal results. This method was devised by Dr. Montante to provide a dramatic but natural outcome that will allow you to look younger longer. It is highly customized for each patient with minimally invasive surgical or non-surgical procedures to improve sagging jowls, tired-looking eyelids, loose neck skin, and/or tear troughs under the eyes.

A Richmond Facial Plastic Surgeon Could Improve Your Appearance with these Procedures

If you are tired of seeing visible aging signs when looking in the mirror, facial plastic surgery could be your best option. Additionally, there are options if you are seeking a cosmetic change concerning a specific facial feature. Either choice is possible with the broad range of cosmetic procedures available to improve and rejuvenate your face’s appearance.

Pursuing facial plastic surgery in Richmond to change your cosmetic appearance could greatly benefit your confidence. With the help of a skilled plastic surgeon, you could achieve your cosmetic goals. Contact us to learn more.