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Recharge & Recapture

Your Energized Appearance

About Man Cave Aesthetics

The First Male Aesthetics Center in the Mid-Atlantic

Man Cave Aesthetics is the ideal place to recharge and recapture your energized appearance. No one likes the cosmetic signs of aging, like sun damage, wrinkles, thinning hair, and bothersome fat that won’t slim down – no matter how much time you spend at the gym. At Man Cave Aesthetics, Dr. Steven Montante and his team provide both surgical and highly comfortable, minimally invasive procedures that allow you to look young, healthy, and energetic. To learn more about aesthetic procedures catered specifically to men, browse our website or call us today. You can depend on Man Cave Aesthetics for discreet services that allow you to look more like yourself, not over-treated or unnatural.

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Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures For Men

Some of our most popular cosmetic treatments for men are minimally invasive or non-surgical. These are as simple and comfortable as receiving a routine injection but can solve complicated issues like hair loss, wrinkles, and tired-looking skin. Patients who feel dependent on ball caps to hide thinning hair or those who have discovered new lines and wrinkles after working outdoors can benefit from these services. Dr. Montante frequently sees patients who work in construction and have sun damage, as well as those who have struggled with thin hair for many years. His goal is to ensure patients feel confident and don’t have to commit extensive time to recovery if it’s not necessary. At Man Cave Aesthetics, patients can choose from:

These procedures are a mix of some of the most effective, tried-and-true treatments, as well as powerful innovations in technology. For minimally-invasive therapies, side-effects are minimal, persist for only a few days, and the payoff is exceptional.

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Mission Statement

Our plastic surgeon and his team made it their goal to create a discreet hideaway for men who want to enjoy the benefits of aesthetic procedures, without being in an environment that makes them uncomfortable. Dr. Montante understands that many cosmetic procedures are targeted for women and entering a waiting room full of female patients can seem intimidating – you may stick out like a sore thumb.

But Man Cave Aesthetics is a completely comfortable atmosphere that is designed to support your confidence every step of the way. Our waiting room and treatment areas are separate and confident. Consider our office your cosmetic clubhouse and secret weapon in the fight against premature aging.

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Plastic Surgery for Men

Body Toning & Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Steven Montante sees many male patients who struggle with common issues like love handles or a persistent beer belly. Men also report loose skin on the neck which makes them look older than their years, as well as a heavy brow or drooping eyes. There are plenty of remedies for these issues, however, which allow patients look youthful. Man Care Aesthetics’ procedures help patients reclaim a complete sense of confidence, so they can pursue every opportunity presented in their personal or professional lives, without worry they’ll look too old or tired for the task.

Visit Man Cave Aesthetics in Richmond for any of the following surgical procedures:

These treatments are designed to correct skin that sags with age, which is most prominent around the neck and eyes, as well as unwanted fat which can detract from an otherwise youthful physique. Procedures such as an eyelid lift or neck lift, which involve short incisions, can create amazing results without the obvious appearance of having a surgical procedure; you’ll simply look younger and more rested than before.

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