Breast augmentation is one of today’s most popular aesthetic procedures. It is used to increase or restore shape and size to your breasts using silicone implants, saline implants, or fat transfer.

When you desire fuller, perkier breasts, more volume at the cleavage line, and a beautiful teardrop shape, breast surgery may be an excellent choice for you. Fat transfer breast augmentation in Richmond is for women looking for a modest increase in breast size with natural-looking results.

In addition to enhancing your breasts without implants, fat grafting breast augmentation has the added benefit of contouring other areas of your body since liposuction is utilized to harvest the fat cells for transplantation. This means you can get a more sculpted waistline, slimmer thighs, or a flatter belly in addition to larger breasts. Contact Montante Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics to learn more about this and the other surgical and non-invasive treatments we offer to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

How Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Performed?

Fat transfer breast augmentation in Richmond poses fewer risks for reactions such as implant rejection or capsular contracture than augmentation with breast implants and allows for a more natural look and feel since we utilize your body’s own tissue. The surgery is generally performed in an outpatient setting under general anesthesia and can take three to five hours.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Montante begins the procedure by utilizing liposuction to harvest fat cells from areas of your body such as your hips, thighs, or mid-section. The fat is then carefully processed to ensure sterility and is injected strategically – with ultra-small, soft-tipped cannulas – into your breasts for a natural enhancement.

This procedure can restore the breast volume you might have lost due to childbirth, aging, or weight fluctuations or can be used to simply increase and enhance what you already have. The results often lead to a satisfying improvement in your self-image and self-confidence, as well as your comfort in the way you fill out your clothing and how you appear in intimate settings.

How Long Does Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Last?

The injected fat cells can take several months to become permanently incorporated within your breast tissue. Additionally, Dr. Montante will initially transfer extra fat cells to accommodate for the fat that will die during the healing process. Your results should be long-lasting. Maintaining a stable weight will help ensure your newly sculpted breasts do not lose volume.

Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Right for You?

For any kind of cosmetic breast surgery, ideal candidates should be in good overall health. Patients in Richmond who prefer a natural look and want a relatively small increase in breast size are generally well-suited for a fat transfer breast augmentation. However, candidates must have excess fat elsewhere on their body to use for the transfer.

Additionally, if you desire more than a mild to moderate increase in size, have severe asymmetry or tubular breasts, have low body fat, or want to address significant drooping, you may be better suited to a traditional augmentation or a breast lift. The best way to determine if this procedure is appropriate to meet your needs is to have an initial consultation in our office. During this visit, we will thoroughly review your health history, anatomical considerations, and aesthetic goals to determine the best treatment option or surgical approach for you individually.

At your consultation, your plastic surgeon will also discuss the details of the procedure and ensure you are aware of any pre and post-operative instructions to lend to a smooth recovery.

Risks of a Breast Augmentation Using Fat Transfer

Fat transfer breast augmentation is considered safer than breast implants for ideal candidates. Due to sedation or anesthesia, patients should arrange for somebody to drive them home after the procedure and avoid driving or other demanding activities for 24 hours. After your procedure, you should expect some discomfort. You will need to take one to two weeks off work and activity, and there may be swelling in your breasts for the first few days or weeks.

During your fat transfer breast augmentation recovery, it is important to stay in touch with your Richmond plastic surgeon and stay on top of any potential side effects, however unlikely. Fat necrosis could happen when some fat cells do not survive the transfer process. While this condition is harmless in and of itself, it creates small, hard masses or lumps in the breast. These lumps could potentially lead to a false positive when you get a mammogram. It is important that you communicate to any medical professionals that you have undergone a surgical breast procedure so they know to be aware of this possibility.

Our team could review all potential risks and complications associated with a fat transfer breast augmentation to help you make the best possible decision for your health and body.

Call our Richmond Office To Discuss Breast Augmentation Using Fat Transfer

Fat transfer breast augmentation in Richmond is a great alternative for women who want a modest increase in breast size and would prefer not to use implants. While not every woman is a candidate, the procedure can provide a natural look and feel for patients, as well as a slimming effect in the area where fat is collected.

Dr. Montante could talk to you about your options and how to get the breasts you dream of in an initial consultation. To find out more, contact us.