A slim neck with a well-defined jawline is often considered a desirable trait by women and men alike. Having a double chin or stubborn excess fat in this area can be frustrating because it does not always respond to healthy lifestyle habits like diet and exercise. Facial plastic surgery treatments give you the option to address these areas of concern and boost your self-confidence.

With the benefit of life-changing and dramatic results as well as the advantage of minimal downtime, neck liposuction can give you the youthful, balanced, and sculpted facial appearance you desire. By removing excess fatty tissue from your neck and jawline, neck liposuction in Richmond enhances the overall look of your face.

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Neck Liposuction Procedure

Neck liposuction in Richmond is a relatively quick treatment that takes around one hour to complete. Additionally, the procedure is performed with local anesthesia, which means you will not need to be asleep during the process, resulting in less risk for complications and a shorter recovery period.

Dr. Montante will make one or two small incisions beneath your chin or behind your ears. He will then inject a dilute solution containing epinephrine and lidocaine under your skin into the subcutaneous fat in your neck to help loosen the fat cells. After the medication takes effect, dislodged fat is removed using a suction wand called a cannula. Your skin will then flatten and tighten, making your neck appear more sculpted.

Neck Lift vs. Neck Liposuction

A neck lift and neck liposuction are different procedures. A neck lift is a facial plastic surgery that removes excess skin and tightens your neck muscles to give you a smoother, more youthful appearing neck. This may be preferable for older patients with moderate to advanced degrees of skin laxity in addition to excess pockets of stubborn fat.

Neck Liposuction Results and Recovery

The results of your Richmond neck liposuction will be immediately noticeable, and you can resume your daily life and extracurricular activities without a lengthy recovery period. After your procedure, you should be able to return to work in one to three days and be fully recovered within one week. You may have to wear a chin strap initially to help provide support, reduce swelling, and promote healing.

Your new neck contours will continue to improve over 4 to 6 weeks as swelling decreases and the body heals. Your liposuction results will likely be long-lasting, provided you maintain a stable weight.

Are You a Candidate for Neck Liposuction?

The best candidates for neck liposuction are those who wish to reduce or eliminate excess fat beneath the chin and along the jawline. You should be in overall good health, non-smoking, and have realistic expectations for results. Additional considerations include being within 30 percent of your ideal weight and having firm, elastic skin. The best way to determine whether neck liposuction is appropriate for you is to meet with our team for a consultation, where Dr. Montante will thoroughly review your medical history and aesthetic concerns.

Reach Out to Our Team To Discuss Liposuction in Richmond

Neck liposuction in Richmond can improve the appearance of a double chin, rejuvenate a youthful profile, as well as provide a more defined jawline and balanced lower face. This can have long-lasting benefits for your self-confidence and overall quality of life. Schedule a consultation to see if neck liposuction is right for you.