You love your child just the way they are, but if their ears stick out or appear too big, they might feel self-conscious. When a child’s ears grow disproportionately large in relation to their other features, they might become a target for teasing and bullying. A solution for this could be ear surgery in Richmond.

The professionals at Montante Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics provide professional, life-changing results for both children and adults. Perhaps you would like to change your appearance or correct a previous ear surgery. Whatever your concerns are, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Montante is here to help.

Is Ear Surgery Right for You or Your Child?

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, might sound like a complicated step, but if your child is being teased and bullied daily, the procedure could improve their life. While ear surgery is most commonly performed on children five years of age and older, many adults also opt for this procedure.

Otoplasty is an aesthetic plastic surgery that corrects macrotia, a congenital condition that makes a person’s ears appear too large for the rest of their proportions. While this condition is not life-threatening, it often causes self-image issues. You or your child might be an ear surgery candidate if you or your child are dealing with the following issues:

  • Congenitally large ears (macrotia)
  • Protruding or asymmetrical ears
  • Prior surgery that requires correction
  • An aesthetic desire for ear surgery

We usually perform otoplasty in Richmond on children at age five or six, when their cartilage is stable enough for the procedure. We also perform the surgery on adults who want to change their image or correct a prior ear surgery.

Your Otoplasty Consultation

Before we schedule an otoplasty, we arrange a consultation to discuss the procedure. When the surgical candidate is a child or teen, we want to be certain that they want the procedure. A child should never undergo plastic surgery just because their parents or someone else wants them to.

During the consultation, we discuss the surgical process and talk about your goals and expectations. The appointment also gives you or your child a chance to ask questions about the procedure, the results, and the recovery. As with any surgery, we must also evaluate your health, and you will share any relevant medical information with us, including the following:

  • Medical history
  • Current conditions and treatments
  • Current medications and vitamins
  • Pacemakers or other medical implants
  • Prior aesthetic injections or plastic surgeries

The information you provide helps ensure that you are a good candidate for surgery. It also informs us of any health conditions or medications that could affect your anesthesia, surgery, or recovery. We also conduct a medical examination and pre-surgical testing.

The Surgical Procedure

A professional administers anesthesia before the surgery, which could be general anesthesia, local anesthesia, or a sedative. During the ear surgery, Richmond surgeon Dr. Montante removes, reshapes, and repositions your ear cartilage and skin by working through an incision at the back of the ear or placing the incision at the front of the ear within a fold. When completed, the procedure immediately creates a narrower profile and produces greater symmetry for your ears.

After the procedure, we wrap the area with bandages, which you must wear for a few days. When appropriate, Dr. Montante prescribes medication to manage any pain or discomfort. We might also recommend that you wear a headband for several weeks to keep your ears in position, and we arrange follow-up visits to monitor your progress and answer your questions.

Contact Montante Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics to Discuss Ear Surgery in Richmond

If you or your child wants less prominent ears, ear surgery in Richmond could be the right choice. During your consultation, Dr. Montante will discuss your aesthetic goals and create a plan that meets your needs. He brings a wide range of education, training, and experience to his practice.

Dr. Montante has won awards and received recognition for his surgical and reconstruction skills. He remains dedicated to excellence in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Contact us today schedule a consultation.