There have never been so many options for treating signs of aging. Scientists and doctors have developed countless ways to reduce wrinkles and other age-related imperfections. Fat transfer is one of those techniques that has been gaining popularity recently due to its rejuvenating results and effectiveness in combating fine lines and wrinkles.

Micro fat and nano fat transfer in Richmond could be a great option for you. This facial plastic surgery treatment is excellent for those who are apprehensive about using synthetic fillers or have a history of severe allergic reactions. Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority. Set up a consultation to learn more about how you can regain your youth with a fat transfer procedure.

Fat Transfer Process

During the fat transfer procedure, a plastic surgeon will remove a small amount of fat from an area of the patient’s body, usually the hips, buttocks, or lower stomach. A skilled surgeon will gently remove fat using a thin cannula in preparation for the micro fat transfer. Special care is taken to preserve the health and viability of each fat cell.

Once removed, specialists process the fat by spinning it at high speeds in a piece of medical equipment called a centrifuge. The spinning process separates the fat cells from other fluids in the specimen. The concentration of fat cells is then injected into the desired areas. Local anesthetic during the procedure ensures patient comfort.

Nano Fat and Micro Fat Transfer Results and Recovery

Micro fat and nano fat grafting can be used just like other dermal fillers to improve facial volume loss, smooth wrinkles or creases, tighten skin, and sculpt the face. Richmond residents also successfully use fat transfers to smooth crepe-looking skin on the face, neck, and hands. Micro fat transfer is considered a permanent procedure, although several treatments may be needed to achieve desired results. Although fat transfers can plump the face and provide anti-aging effects, they do not stop the aging process entirely. Multiple treatments over time can help patients maintain their youthful glow.

Because micro and nano fat transfers are considered minimally invasive, patients can usually go home right after the procedure. Most patients report minimal discomfort, although oral pain medication can be taken when needed. Some patients may need compression garments for the extraction site. Bruising and swelling are common and usually subside within two to three weeks.

Who is a Good Candidate for Micro Fat Transfer?

Most men and women will make good candidates for nano fat grafting. Patients should be in good health, have no circulation problems, and have realistic expectations of what they want to achieve. Richmond individuals dealing with fine lines, hollowed cheeks, deep wrinkles, and minor scarring are often great candidates for a fat transfer procedure.

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Micro fat and nano fat grafting in Richmond are safe and effective ways to treat wrinkles and other age-related cosmetic concerns. The process has safely been in practice for decades and is considered a permanent wrinkle reduction treatment. Recovery is minimal, and results are noteworthy.

Call today to find out if you are a good candidate for micro fat or nano fat grafting. We will meet with you to address concerns, answer questions, and listen carefully to your expectations. If nano fat grafting is right for you, we will tailor a cosmetic plan designed specifically for your needs. Smoother, younger skin could be yours– contact us to get started.