There’s a new trend in fashion for women who can pull it off. Think of celebrities on a red carpet that wants to astonish the crowds and television audience with a side boob sneak peek done tastefully with fashion sense. Although these dresses may cost thousands of dollars, the secret is in the breast contour and not the outfit that covers it (or doesn’t).

For women who want to show a little side boob but may struggle with breast elevation or having enough volume to make it work, there are plastic surgery options that can help. If your boobs lack size or height to rock a side-boob peek, consider a breast lift, fat transfer, or breast augmentation.

Side Boob Cleavage with Implants

Let’s face it—when a lack of cleavage is an issue from the front or the side, the volume of the breast is the problem. To resolve this issue, it’s simple—add more. Breast augmentation with implants uses the placement of aesthetic devices to improve breast size and increase cleavage – that can be noticed from the front or the side – to make sure you can wear those blouses that are low cut under the arms.

Side Boob Cleavage with a Lift

Plummeting necklines are so last season, with the side boob getting more coverage in magazines or on TV, that women everywhere want to show beautiful contours on the sides of their breasts. This view will steal the spotlight at the market or a black-tie event.

A breast lift will allow this trending exposure by delivering the sensual elevation of an upward curve. With breasts clinging to fabric (try fashion tape) in an upward direction, you will be the focus of every man in the building and the envy of every woman.

Fat Transfer

Transferring fat from one part of your body to the outer edge of your breasts is a fantastic way to enhance your side cleavage. This transfer employs liposuction to extract excess fat cells from a donor site like the abdomen or thighs, to reposition in the breasts. Because fat transfer uses your own tissue to augment your curves, your breasts will look and feel completely natural.

A New Look; A New Wardrobe

Now that your boobs can handle modern fashion, you can wear dresses that will turn heads without regret. Tank tops that are cut low under the arms worn without a bra will be possible for you. And you can now try dresses with sexy side cutouts. You will have fun not only shopping for but also wearing these outfits and enjoying the attention that you garner when you step into a room. To learn more, reach out today.