Many people deal with visible puffiness on their faces, such as underneath the eyes, around the jawline, and the cheeks. One possible reason for this is a buildup of lymph fluid, the excess plasma found in cells and tissues that collects waste. Excess lymph fluid can accumulate due to genetics, medical conditions, or lifestyle habits. Fortunately, relief is possible with a lymphatic drainage facial in Richmond.

This non-surgical treatment restores a healthy glow to your skin and naturally reduces puffiness through gentle massage techniques. Since lymphatic drainage facials improve toxin removal, consistent treatments could substantially boost your skin health. If you are ready to say goodbye to excess puffiness, schedule a facial treatment consultation to discuss your concerns, treatment goals, and possible cosmetic and health benefits with a licensed aesthetician.

What are Lymphatic Drainage Facials?

Lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system, an essential component of healthy immune system function, body fluid maintenance, absorption of digestive tract fat, and bloodstream waste removal. Specifically, the lymph nodes carry the excess lymph fluid that contains viruses, toxins, proteins, and bacteria from the tissues back into the bloodstream through tiny capillaries. However, unlike the circulatory system for blood, the lymph node system relies on muscle and joint movements to pump the lymph fluid back into the bloodstream towards the heart.

Lymphatic drainage facials done in Richmond aim to increase the flow of lymph fluid around the face and neck to prevent or treat excess buildup, which can have several cosmetic and medical benefits. During treatment, an aesthetician lightly massages your face and neck muscles with circular motions in the direction of natural lymphatic fluid flow. Since the lymph system’s vessels are just beneath the skin’s surface, little pressure is needed to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid.

Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Facials

In Richmond, the primary goal of most lymphatic drainage facials is to reduce visible neck and facial puffiness due to lymph fluid buildup. However, the treatment could also minimize skin discoloration, including dark undereye circles, resulting from improved circulation. Further, this treatment can improve overall skin health and appearance by increasing the oxygen supply to the treatment areas.

After a treatment session, you can expect to see an immediate reduction in puffiness or swelling on their face and neck. However, several treatment sessions at various frequencies might be needed for more substantial and longer-lasting results depending on your specific cosmetic and health concerns. Many patients undergo monthly lymphatic drainage facial treatments to improve dull skin complexion caused by poor circulation.

Though many lymphatic drainage facial patients undergo treatment for purely cosmetic benefits, the procedure can also reduce acne and eczema breakouts and diminish postoperative swelling. For this reason, many patients in Richmond opt for lymphatic drainage facials after surgery.

Learn More About Lymphatic Drainage Facial Treatments in Richmond

One of the side effects of specific medical conditions or jobs that require little to no movement is impaired lymphatic drainage. As a result, many people develop noticeable puffiness around their face and neck due to lymph fluid buildup. However, you could reduce puffiness, improve circulation, and boost skin health with a lymphatic drainage facial in Richmond.

This light massage stimulates lymphatic drainage in the right direction and can be performed frequently to maximize cosmetic and health benefits. To learn more about whether a lymphatic drainage facial is right for you, call us today at Montante Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics. We can walk you through your options and help you develop a plan that targets your specific areas of concern.