After Your Tummy Tuck: the Exercises and Movements That Help Your Recovery

Committing to a tummy tuck is a huge step in improving your quality of life. While consultation and the subsequent operation are of equal importance, successful recovery will depend on your understanding and following the post-surgical instructions Dr. Monante provides. This adherence is more significant to men and women who plan on returning to a… Read More »

Eye Makeup Tips After Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) reduces the effects of aging by brightening your most prominent feature and rejuvenating a youthful, refreshed facial beauty. Because of its success rate and dramatic results, more than 200,000 patients chose to revitalize their appearance with this cosmetic improvement last year alone. After an eyelift, many people can’t wait to reveal their… Read More »

9 Things You Need at Home to Make Plastic Surgery Recovery Comfortable

Preparing yourself before surgery is essential to ensure the best results and a comfortable recovery. During your consultation with board-certified, Dr. Steven Montante, you will receive instructions about things you should do and things you should avoid post-operatively to attain the outcome you want. But it’s equally important to prepare ahead of time so that… Read More »