At Montante Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, we aim to use high-quality products that have proven results in addressing our clients’ needs. SkinBetter Science is one of the most trusted brands in medical skincare and offers a range of dermatologist-recommended skincare products. With diligent research and innovative serums, these products can help give your skin an even texture and natural glow.

We are pleased to offer non-surgical procedures using the innovative products from SkinBetter Science. Our skin specialists would also be delighted to recommend the right products to address your skin’s needs at home. If you have any questions about SkinBetter Science in Richmond, schedule a consultation today.

SkinBetter Science Medical Facials in Richmond

Whether you suffer from acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation, scarring, or just need a pick-me-up to restore your skin’s natural radiance, our SkinBetter Science medical facials can help. Using the innovative skincare products from SkinBetter Science, our facials in Richmond can help you restore your skin’s moisture and youthfulness.

An experienced aesthetician can assess your skin and customize the facial for any skin type, addressing concerns such as wrinkles, acne, and discoloration. Just a single treatment can leave your skin restored and refreshed, and regular treatments can help you improve overall skin tone and texture.

SkinBetter Science Product Spotlight

The best way to maintain the results of any skin treatment is to have an effective skincare routine. SkinBetter Science is a multi-award-winning medical skincare brand that can help you maintain your skin’s glow in your own home. An experienced aesthetician can evaluate your skin’s needs to help determine the best routine for you, but here are a few of the SkinBetter Science products that we offer at our Richmond office.

SkinBetter Science Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment™

The Trio Rebalancing Moisture Treatment by SkinBetter Science is a medical-grade, high-performance formula that hydrates your skin, replenishing moisture and strengthening the skin’s defense barrier. This nourishing treatment is perfect for rejuvenating dry, aged skin and provides weightless coverage that leaves the skin supple and smooth.

SkinBetter Science Even Tone Correcting Serum™

The Even Tone Correcting Serum is a revolutionary hydroquinone and retinol-free treatment that can dramatically reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Safe for all skin types, tones, and shades, this serum powerfully targets discoloration to give skin an even texture and complexion.

SkinBetter Science Alto Defense Serum™

With 19 powerful antioxidant ingredients, the SkinBetter Science Alto Defense Serum provides daily skin protection. This serum neutralizes the atoms that damage skin cells while enhancing your skin’s vitality and radiance. This SkinBetter Science product can powerfully combat signs of aging, including wrinkles and fine lines, age spots, and sun damage.

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SkinCare Science products are backed by rigorous science. We carry advanced medical-grade products, including SkinBetter Science, to treat our clients with the very best in medical skincare.

If you are considering a SkinBetter Science in Richmond, schedule a consultation with Montante Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics. Our team will provide you with a complete and thorough skincare assessment, identify and discuss your skin concerns with you, and help you devise a treatment strategy to achieve the skin of your dreams. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to find out more about your surgical and non-surgical options for rejuvenating your appearance.