A balanced, appealing face starts with a defined jawline. A weak chin can cause insecurities, leading to diminished self-confidence.

If you are unhappy with your chin, you have facial surgery options for getting the look you want. A chin augmentation in Richmond can enhance the shape and definition of your chin, resulting in a more balanced appearance overall. Dr. Steven Montante has helped countless patients get the look they want and is committed to producing attractive, natural-looking results.

Who is a Good Candidate for Chin Augmentation?

Not everyone chooses to have a chin augmentation for the exact same reasons, but many candidates have similar concerns. Most often, people who opt for this procedure are those who want to add volume and definition to a weak or receding chin.

Many Richmond patients choose to combine a chin augmentation with other cosmetic procedures to achieve more dramatic results. Dr. Montante can perform a chin augmentation with a facelift or micro liposuction to reverse the effects of aging on the jawline. He could also combine chin implants with rhinoplasty (surgical nose contouring) to enhance your profile and achieve more balanced features.

Pre-Surgery Preparations for a Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation surgery requires planning to avoid complications and ensure you are physically prepared for the procedure. In an initial consultation, Dr. Montante will review your medical history and may request a medical evaluation or lab tests. This is a great time to voice any goals and concerns that you have for treatment.

If you decide to undergo a chin augmentation procedure in Richmond, Dr. Montante may conduct an X-ray examination to determine which area of the chin he will operate on. He may also recommend taking specific prescriptions, changing the dosage of your present ones, or quitting smoking before the operation. Our goal is to keep you well-informed about the operation so it is as safe and comfortable an experience as possible.

What To Expect from Chin Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Montante often performs surgical chin augmentations in Richmond as a day case under general anesthesia. Dr. Montante will use an intraoral or submental incision to implant the silicone implants. A submental incision is often preferred because it can allow more control over implant placement and decrease the risk of infection.

Within seven days of surgery, you should be able to return to your job and most everyday activities. You can help manage any minor discomfort with painkillers and cold compresses. It is crucial that you follow your cosmetic surgeon‘s recovery instructions to ensure you heal safely and achieve the best results possible in the shortest time.

Schedule a Chin Augmentation Consultation With a Board-Certified Richmond Plastic Surgeon

Facial plastic surgery can change your life if you are self-conscious about your chin. However, thorough anatomical knowledge and precise surgical techniques are crucial to get the best results from a chin augmentation in Richmond.

Dr. Steven Montante has the training and experience needed to get you the results you want. Our team would be happy to address any of your concerns in an initial consultation. Call us today to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation.