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CareCredit is a popular option to finance your plastic surgery procedure and make payments routinely over time. Montante Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics supports payment plans with CareCredit, allowing you to easily manage your treatment plan. Learn more about CareCredit by clicking here.

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HintMD in Richmond, VA
What is HintMD?

HintMD is a subscription service developed specifically to help board-certified organizations personalize aesthetic treatment plans for their patients’ budget and unique needs. Montante Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics now offers this incredible service to put the best treatment solutions in your hands!

Signing up for an aesthetic subscription with HintMD means you will instantly become one of our beauty members. By electing the HintMD system, you’ve also given yourself access to an individualized treatment plan developed exclusively by one of our certified experts. You can choose from lasers, injectables, chemical peels, Botox®, skincare, and much more. However, instead of paying for these services up front, this method allows you to split the costs into convenient once-a-month payments.

Many equate this to a gym membership. But instead of pumping iron, you’re focused on keeping up with your aesthetic goals! This membership will continue for a whole year- unless you decide to cancel it at any point. You can also adjust your treatment plan in real-time.

Consistent Treatments

While the financial benefits of HintMD are great, the consistency that this program allows is one of its most exceptional features. Being a beauty member isn’t about coming in for your Botox® treatment and then forgetting about your next appointment until a year later. Instead, we carefully construct a plan which determines how often you should return for touch-ups.

This is all planned from the start, so you will understand where you are at all times. HintMD also offers 24/7 plan information, access to your schedule, appointment reminders, and a direct line to our team. It’s all designed to keep you on the path towards consistently beautiful skin!

Customizable Options

You may be wondering, “what if I need to change my routine?” Like many other patients, you may decide to shift your treatment plan to accommodate your ever-changing needs. This is entirely possible with HintMD!

If you want to switch your skincare routine, receive treatments more or less frequently, or anything else, it can all be adjusted at any time from the app. In fact, you may find that we will want to switch things up throughout the year, anyway. After all, your skin is continuously changing and inevitably aging. Are you ready to start your path towards your best skin?

To get started with HintMD in Richmond, VA, please schedule a consultation with Montante Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics online or call today!