Noses come in different sizes and shapes.  There is no denying some contours are preferable over others and vary from one person to another. The most desirable nose achieves facial harmony and brings balance between the nose and other facial features. Because the nose is the most central point on your face, it has considerable influence over your facial appearance.

When the nose is too large or too small, misshapen, or has aesthetic flaws like a bulbous or upturned tip, flared nostrils, or prominent hump, it may be your most distinguishable facial feature. We live in a time when bright teeth and taut skin are highly sought. But these attractive qualities may go unnoticed if people can’s see past your nose.

However, with advancements in rhinoplasty, problems with nose shapes and profiles are correctable. Here is what a nose job can do for you:

1. Correct the Nasal Bridge

The nasal bridge is the bony part of your nose. If you put your finger between your eyes and run it down to the nose tip, that is the nasal bridge. It is the central structure of the nose, binding cartilage together to give the nose its shape. It also has a considerable influence on how well you breathe, and if obstructed, can cause snoring.

2. Correct Nose Tip

The tip of your nose is shaped by the cartilage connecting the nostrils, the furthest section of the nose away from the face. The tip plays an essential role in determining facial balance and symmetry. It is also the most common cosmetic concern that has people seeking correction through rhinoplasty.

3. Correct Nostril Openings

The nostril openings play a critical role in nasal aesthetics and function. The nostrils are the channels that facilitate breathing and are separated by a wall known as the septum. Rhinoplasty has a twofold purpose when addressing the nostril openings. It can enhance appearance by correcting flared nostrils and increase breathing function by opening these passages.

4. Corrects the Septum

The septum is the central wall that should evenly divide the nostrils. Unfortunately, many people have an irregular (or deviated) septum, which creates uneven nostrils. This is not only a functional issue but a cosmetic one as well.

5. Corrects a Crooked Nose

Rhinoplasty surgery can help a nose out of line from its base to the tip because of genetics, injury, or trauma. Usually, a misshapen nose is strictly a cosmetic issue but, if pronounced, can cause trouble with breathing too.

Achieve the Best Rhinoplasty Results Possible

With vast experience in rhinoplasty techniques, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Montante helps his patients look their best by correcting nose defects to deliver balance and beauty. With the help of his Vectra 3D Imaging, he can have you try on different nose sizes and shapes to give you a preview of how you can look after surgery.

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