Feel Confident with Geneveve

For the woman who cares more about what’s on the inside than what’s on the out, Geneveve™ delivers a vaginal tightening treatment which can enhance intimacy and physical pleasure without surgery or downtime.

Changing hormones, weight fluctuations, the aging process, menopause, and childbearing are life events which contribute to vaginal laxity. Geneveve stimulates natural collagen production to tone and tighten vaginal tissue and muscles to promote a more confident you.

Why Consider Geneveve™

A woman’s body is constantly changing, and there is no difference with her vagina. While some changes may be welcome, urinary incontinence or a decrease in sensation during intercourse is not. This loss of vaginal tightness can cause a loss of confidence in your most sensitive body part.

The most common reasons for patients choosing Geneveve are:

  • Discomfort from excess pads of fatty tissue around the vaginal opening.
  • Urinary stress incontinence due to weakened pelvic muscles.
  • Loss of sexual pleasure because of a loose vaginal canal.

This thirty-minute, one-time procedure can improve vaginal tightness for up to one year and requires no downtime. Women with pacemakers should not consider Geneveve.

Geneveve™ Procedure

Your Geneveve™ treatment and consultation will be performed by board-certified, Dr. Montante. During your procedure, he will use a special device to emit cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency waves (CMRF) to mildly heat the deeper layers of your vaginal muscles and tissue while maintaining the surface at a cool, comfortable temperature. These pulses of controlled heating trigger collagen fibers within the muscle, skin, and tissue, creating a natural toning and tightening effect.

The Geneveve™ treatment requires no anesthesia, and the procedure takes about a half hour. You will be able to relax during your procedure. A slight warming sensation is common during the treatment, much like a gentle massage.

Results are sustainable but additional body changes may cause future vaginal laxity to return. We recommend repeat treatments annually.

Geneveve™ Recovery

The non-surgical, anesthetic and medication free treatment allows patients to return to their daily routine immediately after the procedure. There should be no discharge or change in odor and you can return to physical intimacy immediately as well.

Geneveve results are fully realized about a month after treatment and these results will continue to improve for three months. After 90 days, an assessment can determine if additional treatments are necessary.

You should notice vaginal tightness, arousal and lubrication improvement after 90 days, and most women tell us they feel more confident during intimacy with an increase in satisfaction.

Next Step

At Montante Aesthetics, you are our top priority, and we strive to help each patient to feel her absolute best. To decide if Geneveve™ is right for you, please call us at (804) 325-4795 to schedule a consultation .