Let’s face it. The moment most women hit 35, they look back to when they were 20. They begin to notice things changing, a wrinkle here, or a line there. And if they had children, then all sorts of changes have likely come her way.

Hormonal changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can cause the breasts to lose their firmness and youthful shape. They may droop or just no longer demonstrate perkiness, something most women want back. So, to answer your question – will a breast lift make you look younger? The answer is a resounding YES!

What Does a Breast Lift Do?

Good question. The answer is in the name of the procedure. The breast lift will do what it says—give your breasts a lift. It tightens breast tissue to elevate the breasts into that sensual upward curve. Nipples point north, well above the natural breast crease. And projection is better, making your breasts appear younger and sexier, so you will look fabulous again in that little black dress.

Other benefits include a reduction in skin irritation that can be common with sagging breasts. A breast lift reduces the contact of the natural breast crease, causing less skin rubbing between the upper abdomen and the breast mound.

Highly Customized

A breast lift can be tailored to your individual breast anatomy and cosmetic concerns. It employs specialized incision patterns to address your particular needs. With your improved breast appearance, you will enjoy a restored shape, and elevated position, and a boost in self-confidence. Feel great when you enter a room.

You Can Go Bigger Too

Many women choose to combine their breast lift with a breast augmentation. This popular breast enhancement employs implants to increase the size of your breasts. Not only will you have youthful breasts, but any lost volume can be replaced as well. Or perhaps bigger breasts is what you always wanted, and if so, combining the two surgeries makes sense.

Or Smaller

Another popular breast surgery is a breast reduction. Rarely is a breast reduction done without a breast lift. When excess breast tissue is removed, excess skin will need to go as well. This process is part of what happens with a breast lift to strengthen breast support and give you feminine reshaping.

Learn More

If you would like to take the next step, it’s all about becoming comfortable with the procedure and the surgeon who performs it. That’s why we invite you to our office in Old Richmond to learn everything you need to know about a breast lift. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Montante would be delighted to have this conversation with you.

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