The weather is changing, with brilliant colors exploding throughout the landscape. The temperatures are cooler, and there is an expectation in the air. The holidays are around the corner, and people are preparing. Whether it’s getting decorations out of the attic or stocking up with their favorite holiday cheer, people want to be ready when the celebrations begin.

At Montante Aesthetics, we find it striking that plastic surgery demand typically experiences an uptick around the holiday season. Not only are the holidays a time for turkey and mistletoe, but it’s also the season women and men want to have a facelift to look their best. Here are some reasons why.

Timing Is Everything

With the facelift recovery ranging between one and two weeks, many people don’t have time for surgery during the spring and summer. Work and family responsibilities are too pressing. But with things slowing down at the office and school during the holidays, it gives the perfect respite to have the procedure done. Many take advantage of the time off during the holidays, creating the ideal time frame to fit in the downtime.

Comfortable Climate

While we welcome fall’s chilly air after a hot summer, we also tend to gravitate more indoors. And as the winter settles in, we spend more time in the comfort of our homes. That gives the facelift patient the perfect opportunity to recover discreetly. Cozying up with a book or streaming Netflix while they heal is perfect, and their friends and neighbors are none the wiser that they had work done.

If you chose to have your facelift during the holidays, it is more comfortable whether you’re indoors or outside. If you must leave the house, you can bundle your face behind winter apparel like scarves and hats.

Preparing for the Future

Many patients tell us they’ve dreamed of getting a facelift for some time. They might have already had dermal fillers and Botox injections, but desire something with more permanent results. They want to look stunning for future events. Many hope to refresh their appearance for visiting family during Thanksgiving or Christmas. Others wish to be fully recovered for their busy springtime calendar of graduations, weddings, and vacations.

The dramatic results of a facelift will have you look stunning for any occasion. And a boost in self-confidence will make the event more fun.

How to Book a Facelift for the Holidays

If you want to have a facelift during the holiday break, there’s no time like the present to book an appointment. We find that when people decide to have the procedure, they want it done immediately. But fitting a facelift into your schedule requires some planning. Don’t treat this decision like a hair appointment, when you might choose convenience over skill. The best physicians to perform facelift surgery are board-certified plastic surgeons.

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