When facial aesthetics require a more aggressive approach than injectables can provide, a MODA Makeover may be the answer to your cosmetic concerns. This long-lasting procedure delivers optimal results to the neck, mid-face, and the area around the eyes.

For those familiar with a mommy makeover, the concept is similar to this groundbreaking procedure. The MODA (Minimally Operative Directed Aesthetics) Makeover uses multiple facial procedures to deliver a comprehensive solution for the entire face.

This state-of-the-art procedure was created, so patients who want the long-lasting results of facial rejuvenation without an extended downtime have a solution to consider. These patients may be receiving non-surgical treatments, like Botox or dermal fillers but the results are beginning to wane as the patient continues to age.

When facial concerns are more noticeable, more aggressive treatment is necessary to achieve desired outcomes. Also, not all patients are good candidates for the traditional facial surgeries like a facelift, browlift, or neck lift. Plus with busy lifestyles to pursue, not everyone can afford the associated downtimes of these more invasive surgeries.

Upper Face

The area around the eyes is usually where the effects of the aging start. It begins here because this area loses the underlying volume which helps maintain a youthful contour. The tear troughs look sunken, and excess skin may advance on the eyelids, creating a tired and hollow appearance.

Although injectables are often effective in correcting these issues, facial fat grafting delivers amazing results without the need for continuous treatments. For excess skin around the eyes, eyelid surgery removes the sagging skin to deliver a subtle transformation to youthful, alert eyes without a lengthy recovery.

The Midface

Another age-related concern is the effect aging has on the midface. This area shows signs of aging early as well, typically in the cheek area. Facial fat grafting is an optimal solution which provides restored volume and support with the replenishing of depleted fatty tissue to deliver plump, full cheeks with smoother skin texture.

The Neck

The emergence of jowls or a double chin can cause problems for a patient’s appearance. With age, skin loses its laxity under the chin, and fatty deposits may descend from the cheek area causing the neck to lose its sleek definition. Jowling may occur at the jawline as well.

Neck liposuction can improve neck definition as part of the MODA Makeover, or a minimally-invasive neck lift may be necessary when skin laxity is low.


An appealing component of the MODA Makeover is the time it takes to heal. Although swelling and bruising can be expected, these effects subside within a week. Patients can begin to resume normal activities after a day or two, gradually getting back to their normal lifestyle every day after.

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With continued advancements in aesthetics and plastic surgery, procedures are constantly developing to bring optimal results to the patient with less risk and downtime. To ensure you have the most advanced treatment and quality care available, schedule a consultation with board-certified Dr. Montante today.

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