Women who have breasts too large for their body type can deal with complications that affect more than aesthetics. Back and neck pain, hindrance of an active lifestyle, poor posture, and skin rashes are common issues women face when their breasts are too big. For relief, there is a breast surgery which can enhance breast appearance, body contour, and an active lifestyle while eliminating many of the problems these women suffer. 

Signs Your Breast Are Too Big

Like all parts of the body, breasts come in all sizes and shapes, but certain issues may be a symptom of your breasts being too large. If any of the following apply to you, you may want to consider breast reduction surgery

They Hinder Your Lifestyle

Breasts too large for your body may get in the way of you doing some things you enjoy. Women who consider breast reduction often are passionate about leading an active lifestyle. They understand how unruly their breasts can be when they exercise or do physical activities they enjoy, even with the added support of a sports bra. 

Bra Straps Cut into the Flesh

When your bra is uncomfortable, especially around your shoulders, and you can see a deep imprint from the straps, this may be a sign you need a breast reduction. This issue may or not be a result of activity; many women deal with this issue as they sit at a desk all day. 

Back, Shoulder, or Neck Pain

Pain is a reminder something is wrong with your body. When women who have large breasts have chronic pain in their back, shoulders, or neck, they may need to reduce their breast size to relieve the downward pull their chest is having on these extremities.  

Rashes, Irritation or Infections

Big breasts may cause the skin to fold and rub against itself, especially at the breast crease. This area may also be challenging to wash during a shower or bath. Combining a breast reduction with a breast lift may be able to help resolve any rashes, irritation, or infection in these areas.  

Shopping for Clothes is Difficult

Other than oversized t-shirts, shopping can be stressful in finding something suitable to wear. Off the rack dresses and tops are not designed for women whose breasts are too large for their body type. When at a healthy weight with the breasts that match your body type, you can wear the clothes you want at any time of year. 

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