Are you ready to have that body you’ve always dreamed about, with a svelte figure or body outline? Do you want an elegant, sleek neck that perfectly frames your facial beauty? If you’ve asked yourself these questions recently and are looking for answers that do not require surgery, CoolSculpting may be for you. This non-surgical, non-invasive body shaping treatment can dramatically reduce those pesky fat bulges that diet and exercise can’t eliminate on their own. Dr. Steven Montante uses CoolSculpting for his patients who want to enhance their figure without incisions, sutures, or extended downtime.

One great advantage that CoolSculpting has over many alternatives like surgical liposuction is the number of trouble spots it can treat effectively. Here is a list of the seven parts of the body patients can improve with CoolSculpting.

The Best Areas for CoolSculpting

Many of our patients struggle with trouble spots that accumulate excess body fat just under the skin surface, creating an aesthetic concern. These include the following.


Bulges on each side of your waist, what we affectionately call “love handles,” are a common complaint our patients have with their bodies. Fortunately, these areas respond well to the fat-freezing effect of CoolSculpting.


The tummy is another area of concern, especially for women after pregnancy or hormonal fluctuations. CoolSculpting can deliver impressive results here, creating a smooth, toned appearance.


Excess fat in the thigh area can be stubborn, especially for women. CoolSculpting can produce excellent results to the inner or outer thigh, reducing inches to deliver that bikini-ready figure.

Neck and Chin

A well-defined jawline with a slender neck can beautifully accentuate facial beauty. CoolSculpting offers a specially designed applicator for this area to resolve jowls and a double chin.

Upper Arms

Slender upper arms are crucial when wearing sleeveless blouses and tops. Bat wings are a common problem with women after a specific age. Again, CoolSculpting can come to the rescue to eliminate fat in this challenging area, which is hard to treat without surgery.

Under the Buttocks

Fat pouches that collect under the butt cheeks cause concern when wearing shorts or a bathing suit. CoolSculpting will smooth over this area to create a shapelier upper leg area and derriere.

Back Area and Bra Roll

CoolSculpting is useful for treating back fat in three areas. These include the lower section that extends to the love handles, the mid-back on each side, and the bra roll that rests just under the bra line.

Learn More About CoolSculpting

If you need help with stubborn fat pockets in any of these areas or would like to know more about CoolSculpting or any of our other body contouring procedures, please contact Dr. Montante to schedule a consultation or call (804) 325-4795.