Because the nose is the central facial feature, it gets quite a bit of attention. When genetics or life events make your nose more obvious than you would like or restricts its function, rhinoplasty (nose job) may be a solution worth considering.  There are certain conditions which would cause a person to seek help with how their nose looks or operates. Here are a few:

Aesthetic Concerns

The size and shape of your nose does influence your facial appearance. When its shape is altered, or its natural size does not fit your face, it can be an aesthetic concern. These nose issues may include:

Flared Nostrils

Naturally enlarged nostrils are typically the result of genetic makeup. They cause an imbalance to your facial appearance, making your nose look too large. The problem may seem more pronounced when laughing, smiling or even at rest. When this problem emerges, it can distract from other facial features and your naturally beautiful appearance.

Bulbous Tip

When the tip of the nose has a round end and lacks definition, this is referred to as a bulbous tip. Some think it looks like a small ball at the end instead of a narrow, defined contour. Many patients with a bulbous tip feel their nose is too broad, or the size of the tip can make the entire nose look too large.

Crooked Nose

Whether hereditary or caused by trauma, a crooked nose can cause serious cosmetic concerns. The term refers to a nose which is not correctly aligned from a frontal view. It fails to follow a straight line down the center of the face. Many crooked noses are the result of a fracture or break.

Humped Nose

The definition of this condition is in its name. A hump-like shape where there is a rounded profile on top, from the tip of the nose to its base.

Too Short or Too Long

Heredity plays a role in this nasal concern as well. When the length of the nose does not conform to the other parts of the face, it can cause dramatic aesthetic problems.

Too Wide

A nose that is too wide in comparison to other facial features can throw your entire facial aesthetic out of balance. Whether heredity or ethnicity, many patients want to resolve what may cause unwanted attention to their nose.

Functional Concerns

Aesthetic issues are one thing but struggling to breathe can create quite a different set of problems. Many patients seek relief from breathing problems which originate from the following:

  • Deviated Septum – when the wall which divides the nasal passage into two parts shifts from its normal position.
  • Nasal Polyps – tiny growths which appear on the lining of sinuses
  • Nosebleeds
  • Rhinitis – when the nose and sinuses become inflamed. Sometimes caused by allergies
  • Crooked Nose – probably the result of trauma causing a fracture (broken nose)


Individuals looking to improve nose function or appearance find the answers they need through a rhinoplasty consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Here, your surgeon will diagnose the problem and suggest a solution.

A nose job can help with all the complications listed above, creating an open passage for breathing or an aesthetic improvement for your facial appearance. Whichever the reason, rhinoplasty has become one of the more popular plastic surgery procedures globally.

Two Solutions in One

During a rhinoplasty with Dr. Steven Montante, patients benefit from not only correction of a specified concern, but his rhinoplasty techniques create comprehensive improvement in the way your nose looks and how it can create aesthetic harmony.

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