Many women want to enhance breast size and shape in their 40s and beyond. These patients are finished bearing children and generally have more time to reach their aesthetic goals. Some want to regain their youthful breast size, shape, and elevation they had before motherhood; others always wanted larger breasts.  

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Montante, has some helpful considerations for older women who want to get the most out of breast surgery. Here are his recommendations:

Choose The Right Implants

Breast implants come in all sizes and shapes, types and projections. It’s best to make this important decision with a surgeon who has extensive experience in breast augmentation. If you are 40 or older, your lifestyle today and in the future should be a consideration. Large, heavier implants may not bode well for an active lifestyle, a person who enjoys activities such as golf or weightlifting, or a petite frame. 

What are your aesthetic goals? Do you want to increase size dramatically, or do you desire a modest boost in fullness and volume? What is your activity level now, and for the years to come? Do you want to carry around large implants as you reach your 70s and beyond? Dr. Montante will work with you during the consultation process to make sure you will choose wisely to enhance your figure and lifestyle, as well.

Choose the Right Placement

Implant placement is another option you must get right. You can have them placed below the breast tissue and above the muscle, or you can place them underneath the muscle. Each location has its benefits and drawbacks, and the best placement for you depends on your particular breast anatomy and personal preferences. Be sure you understand all of your options before making a decision that will work best for you.

What About a Lift?

Breast augmentation is designed to improve the size, shape, and firmness of your breasts. However, it does not help everyone to achieve that youthful upward curve. To improve breast perkiness, you may inquire about adding a breast lift to your surgery to enhance your results. It will remove excess skin and reshape your breast to a natural-looking, youthful elevation. Dr. Montante can let you know whether combining a breast lift with breast augmentation will give you the results you want.

Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

Although there are many choices you must make in the process of your breast augmentation, no decision is more important than who you choose to do the surgery. Although many surgeons offer this cosmetic procedure, only a board-certified plastic surgeon has the training and expertise to provide the best care possible. 

Treat your consultation like a job interview. Ask questions to allow the surgeon to address your concerns. Inquire about their education, training, and experience. Inspect the facility to make sure it is state-of-the-art. Remember, the surgeon is there to work with you to achieve the results you envision, and together you will devise an appropriate plan.

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