There is nothing that frames facial beauty more than a slender, elegant neck. Eliminating neck bands, turkey waddle, or the double chin creates a sleek neckline which highlights the best of your facial features. Achieving this cosmetic effect is easier than most people think. Once an individual is at or close to their natural weight, there are aesthetic procedures which can deliver the right neck contours to enhance their facial appearance.

Causes for Excess Fat, Turkey Waddle, and Neck Bands

Although there are multiple reasons patients experience problems a lack of defined neck contours, the most common causes are weight fluctuations and aging. When an individual gains weight, fat pads may accumulate around the neck. Once the patient loses the excess weight, fat pads often remain despite their best efforts through diet and exercise; loss of significant weight can even leave behind loose skin that obscured facial shape and structure.

A double chin appears when there is an extra layer of fat which develops under the chin. There are different influences which combine in the body to create a double chin. Although weight gain is not always the reason for a double chin, it is a strong contributor. It’s essential to maintain a healthy, steady weight to reduce the risk of a double chin; however, even if you are healthy and medically stable, it’s possible to still have a double chin due to an inherited trait.

With age, many of us deal with skin laxity, which is caused when natural collagen production slows. Collagen helps the skin remain taut and firm, but a lack of collagen will cause skin to sag all over the body, even the face and neck. Hanging skin around the neck may formulate what many call a “turkey waddle” or “turkey neck.” Another issue is visible horizontal bands which appear in the neck area.

What Treatments Are Available?

Some patients may think the only procedure to achieve a slender neck is a full facelift. Although this solution may be appropriate for some patients, a modified lift of the neck area only is the better choice for many. With a necklift, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Montante can address sagging skin and neck bands with two small incisions behind the ears.

A good non-surgical option to treat the mild to moderate appearance of neck bands is Botox. This injectable solution will loosen the platysma muscles which contract and tighten, exposing the visible bands. These injections will be just under the skin in the neck area. The results will last approximately a year to 18 months.

Liposuction may be a solution for patients who experience excess fat in the neck area. Here, Dr. Montante will use a thin metal tube (cannula) to vacuum the excess fat for removal. This treatment can be done as a standalone procedure or done concurrently with a Necklift.

The Benefits of Aesthetic Treatment for Shaping the Lower Face

Whether Dr. Montante implements one or more of these treatments to deliver a sleek, elegant neck contour, the results will have more impact than on the neck. The results of treatment accentuate facial beauty and boost the patient’s self-confidence. Jowls and a turkey neck make patients look years older than they feel, but treatment to rejuvenate skin in this area can make patients look significantly younger. Firming and tightening neck skin has a marked aesthetic benefit on the patient’s entire appearance.

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