Although we may have them, there is nothing to love about love handles that seem to appear out of nowhere as the years increase. No matter how well we eat or how many hours we spend at the gym, these bulges that occupy our flanks wreak havoc on our desired body shape. 

You’ve probably noticed the ads: “Six simple ways to rid yourself of love handles,” “Foods that melt away fatty flanks,” or variations on this theme. The truth is that there are few things you can do to reduce or eliminate love handles, including a proper diet and disciplined exercise routine. But if you can’t rely on diet and exercise on to remove love handles, what’s out there that can help? 

Here’s some good news for women and men who want to look their best for Valentine’s Day. Montante Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics offers body sculpting procedures that eliminate excess fat that fails to respond to diet and exercise. And the best news of all—you can reduce or eliminate these pesky bulges in time for that romantic day that will be here in a few weeks. Here’s how.


If you want a fast-acting, non-surgical, fat reduction treatment that is quick, convenient, and highly tolerable, CoolSculpting may be for you. It uses fat-freezing technology that eliminates fat pads without affecting adjacent tissue to give you the results you need in those trouble spots. It works great on those love handles, so that sleek, black dress will fit just fine. 

But you need to hurry if Valentine’s Day is your deadline, so you can get a jumpstart on getting that slender waistline you so desperately want.


Richmond plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Montante often recommends liposuction to eliminate love handles. It’s a fast way to remove stubborn fat deposits, helping produce a tight, toned, and sensual body outline. And like CoolSculpting, once the fat is gone, it never returns, meaning with just a little effort on your part, your results become permanent. 

By committing to a healthy lifestyle by eating right with nominal exercise and following your recovery instructions, you can expect to maintain your results. 

So, if part of your resolution for 2020 is eliminating those love handles, and you want to see significant improvement before Valentine’s Day, you should have a consultation with Dr. Montante to learn in greater detail which procedure would be better suited for you. 

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