Do you look tired or annoyed? Is your vision impaired? Some of the most severe signs of aging happen around the eyes and on the brow. These areas are common concerns for women and men who are past the age of 40. Their facial appearance may become less indicative of how they feel. When this happens, cosmetic medicine has multiple solutions. The question you may ask is, which one is best for you?  

Regaining an alert and well-rested expression may take more than a good night’s sleep. Blepharoplasty and a brow lift are surgical procedures designed to give you a younger, well-rested facial appearance. The purpose of this article is to explain the difference between the two.  

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is designed for the upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both. When aesthetic or functional issues become a problem, your surgeon may recommend eyelid surgery. The benefits may have a significant impact on how you look and see. 

Fewer Fine Lines

When the lines and wrinkles which around your eyes become too much, blepharoplasty may be the best solution. The early tell-tale signs of aging are often around the eyes. An eyelid lift will soften those lines and wrinkles, framing those beautiful eyes and taking a few years off your facial appearance as well. 

No More Bags

When puffiness is prominent under each eye, a lower eyelid lift can work wonders, making you look younger and more alert. Removing undereye tissues and skin will reduce the baggage and in some cases, the dark circles as well.  

Improve Vision

It’s important for people to see your eyes. It’s critical for you to see theirs. If vision is impeded by drooping upper lids, an upper eyelid lift can work wonders for your vision. But reducing the puffiness by removing tissue and skin, you will look and see better than you have in years. 

Look Refreshed

Eyelid surgery enhances the shape and the physical appearance of your eyes. Whether it’s done as a standalone procedure or combined with other cosmetic enhancements, the results will make you look younger, and more alert.

Benefits of a Brow Lift

Although a brow lift (or forehead lift) may not be the first tool in the aesthetic arsenal patients look for when fighting against the aging process, it has multiple cosmetic benefits. Patients are surprised by how well the procedure can provide stunning outcomes. These include:

Reverse a Tired Appearance

When vertical lines form between the brows, creases on the forehead are soon to follow. A sagging brow line can cause a perpetual angry look. A brow lift will ease these forehead lines and creases, causing you to look relaxed and friendly. 

Away with the Creases

With a brow lift, excess skin and tissue to the upper face will smooth away. Fine lines on the brow and forehead (frown lines) will flatten and resolve. The skin in these areas will look tighter and younger. 

Open Your Eyes

There are cases when a sagging brow can impact the upper eyelids, making you look tired. It can also cause women problems applying their makeup. Lifting the brow will affect the upper lids as well, elevating sagging tissue and leaving you with eyes wide open. 

Candidates for Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty candidates have excess tissue in the upper and lower eyelids which sags. This tissue may be skin, fat, or both. When the upper lids hood, it may partially block the patient’s vision. Beneath the eyes, there may be significant puffiness and circles. Patients who need eyelid surgery are often said to look tired. 

Candidates for Brow Lift

If there is a hooding or overhang which extends beyond the eye’s corners, then a patient may be a better candidate for a brow lift. Another indicator is your eyebrows’ shape. If its tail drops below its center or the brows are flat, a brow lift can help restore that youthful arch. Sagging brows, flat arch, and a sharp drop in the forehead (furrowed) may require a brow lift to improve overall facial aesthetics. Candidates for a brow lift are often said to look angry. 

Candidates for Both

If a patient displays symptoms on the brow and the forehead, they may require both procedures. The surgeries can be done concurrently to resolve all aesthetic and functional issues at once. A combined brow lift with eyelid surgery can soften or eliminate notable forehead wrinkles, sagging brow, bulging around the eyes and undereye bags, making you look alert, relaxed, and beautiful.  

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