CoolSculpting is a fantastic non-invasive body sculpting treatment that removes excess fat from under the skin. Although a useful process to eliminate those pesky fat pads from areas like the thighs, abdomen, and upper arm, there is currently no applicator specifically designed for the face or neck. We do know that CoolSculpting’s creator, Zeltiq, is currently researching ways to use this advanced technology on other parts of the body with a new applicator now available to treat the outer thigh. 

The main reason CoolSculpting does not allow for treatment of areas such as the face or neck is that the treatment needs to create a fold of skin at the treatment site to be in the applicator head. At this time, removing excess fat from the neck and jawline is best suited for liposuction during a neck lift. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Montante also can reposition facial fat with a facelift to recontour facial features to their youthful form.

CoolSculpting Benefits

Many of our patients associate CoolSculpting with the permanent removal of stubborn fat cells. This state-of-the-art treatment is best known for fat removal and reshaping with no surgery or risk of scarring, minimal recovery and side-effects, and little to no downtime. 

As there is no need for downtime or pain management after the procedure, the treatment is highly convenient for those patients who have little time on their hands. Another benefit is that results are subtle, but continue to improve for several months, removing up to 25% of fat from the treatment site.

CoolSculpting and Your Skin

Although skin tightening was not on the list of benefits in 2010 when CoolSculpting was introduced, nor do you find it advertised as a benefit today, recent studies and patient reviews suggest there may be a correlation between CoolSculpting and tighter skin. 

After liposuction, when skin elasticity is poor, the skin tends to sag around the treatment site. That’s why body sculpting procedures like a breast lift and tummy tuck that utilize liposuction also include excess skin removal. Surgeons are now thinking the freezing technology of CoolSculpting may cause a reaction in the skin cells called cryodermadstringo. This phenomenon seems to occur in about a quarter of CoolSculpting patients. The possibility of this result needs more research to understand the connection fully and perhaps find a way to benefit all patients with a firmer, tighter skin tone.

Reducing Neck and Face Fullness with Dr. Montante

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