Rhinoplasty (nose job) is the most sought-after facial plastic surgery in America and ranks high globally as well. Surgeons performed almost a quarter million nose jobs in the United States in 2018, and the number seems to grow each year.

There are multiple factors why rhinoplasty is popular. First, because the nose is a central facial feature and may be the first thing people notice, if your nose stands out because it’s misshapen or not in harmony with the rest of your face, it can be an embarrassment and make a person feel self-conscious.

Besides the shape and size of the nose being a cosmetic concern, there may be practical concerns as well – like breathing problems. When a patient decides to have rhinoplasty, they do so because of aesthetic or functional issues, or sometimes both. Here are the most popular concerns patients consider determining if a nose job is right for them.

Improve Nose Appearance

Some people choose rhinoplasty for purely aesthetic concerns like to improve facial harmony. Your nose’s size may influence how it blends with or stands out with your other facial features. When a nose is too large, it takes too prominent a role in the facial appearance and creates a face out of balance. When the nose is too small, it makes other features look too large.

Prominent bumps, crookedness, or unsightly divots are other cosmetic concerns. Rhinoplasty can minimize these issues to create a more pleasing nose profile.

Correct Breathing Problems

The nose is crucial when it comes to breathing freely. Many patients have a common issue known as a deviated septum. This problem is when the wall which divides the nasal cavity leans to one side or the other. This issue may not be a concern, and many patients don’t realize it’s present. But for others, the septum leans too far to one side obstructing air flow. The surgery to correct a deviated septum is septoplasty. Dr. Montante can combine this surgery with a cosmetic rhinoplasty.

A deviated septum is not the only functional problem with the nose. A collapsed nostril can also be corrected during a rhinoplasty procedure.

Fix a Broken Nose

Because the nose has a prominent position on the face, it is vulnerable to trauma. Sports injuries, car accident, or household mishaps are common occurrences for nose injuries. Although there are cases when the nose heals correctly after a fracture, many injuries cause misalignment which results in a crooked nose.

Patients who experience nose trauma and their noses look different than before the injury may turn to rhinoplasty for correction.

What to Expect with Rhinoplasty

Understanding what happens during rhinoplasty and what to expect after surgery may help you decide if you want to move forward. There are two types of rhinoplasty — open and closed. During a closed surgery, Dr. Montante makes the incisions inside the nose. During open surgery, he makes the incision outside where the small incision runs at the base between the nostrils for concealment.

Recovery is necessary after surgery. During recovery, you’ll need to take time from work or your daily routine. It will be required to avoid strenuous activities or exercise for the first few weeks. Dr. Montante will provide detailed instructions to follow during your healing process.

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