Are you considering cosmetic breast surgery? If so, there’s a good chance you are wondering if a breast lift will be the best surgery for you or if you might need implants.

The answer is determined by your unique anatomy, cosmetic concerns, and lifestyle. When a woman wants a change the appearance of her breasts, the outcome must fit who they are and want to be, not what others may want for her. So, it is important for you to know what you want your body to look like and how that will fit in with your future lifestyle.

How do you determine which procedure is best suited for you? Will you most benefit from a breast lift, breast augmentation, or both?

What to Consider

Different factors come into play when considering breast correction surgery. The most critical elements involve nipple location, breast volume, balance, and overall breast size. It comes down to the interaction of these many factors that will determine the direction your surgeon should take. Let’s look at them individually:

Nipple Position

Sagging breast tissue or the loss of volume can cause your nipples to change position, stretch, and become wider. If you’ve noticed your nipples point downward or rest below your natural breast crease, you may be an excellent candidate for a breast lift. A breast lift raises tissue and repositions the nipples to their more youthful position. It can also reshape the areola, the pigmented skin surrounding the nipple.


Your breast volume determines how full your breasts appear. Significant weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can leave your breasts looking flat and too small. Breast augmentation uses implants to enhance volume, resulting in a fuller bustline with a more pleasing contour.

Breast Size and Balance

When size is a factor, especially when you feel your breast are too small, implants can boost your bustline for a more attractive figure. Some women have asymmetric breasts, with one breast larger than the other. In this case, a breast augmentation can deliver symmetry, bringing your breasts into balance with each other and your entire body contour.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

It is common for some women to choose a combined surgery to have a breast augmentation with a lift. These can be performed together during one surgical session or each as a standalone procedure. Combining the surgeries saves time and money, and it can reduce your total downtime. Many of our patients choose to have these to return their bodies to their pre-pregnancy states as part of a total mommy makeover.

Making the Right Choice

Start your journey with a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen Montante, in Richmond. He will assess your breast anatomy, listen to your aesthetic goals, and develop a customized surgical plan to help you achieve the body of your dreams.

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