Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the appearance of a woman’s breasts and boost her self-esteem. Because of its popularity, there are several available doctors licensed to perform the procedure. But when contemplating breast surgery, you must be careful to weigh certain criteria to ensure the safest and most successful outcome.

First, you must choose a highly skilled surgeon who has extensive experience in breast augmentation. Many women understand the importance of researching the plastic surgeons in their community and consulting those with the best credentials to achieve the best results, but how can you ensure the best plastic surgeon is the one you choose?

Where to Start

When starting your search, begin by asking how long the surgeon has been performing breast augmentation surgery. You want them to have natural and adept methods of handling the challenges and intricacies of the procedure. Experience is vital, and you want a surgeon who has the surgeries under his belt to perfect this operation.

A good question to ask each surgeon during your search is if they are a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). These are the most qualified plastic surgeons in the field who have passed a series of rigorous tests for membership privileges. They have advanced training, have conducted research studies, and are abreast of the latest techniques and technology in the industry.


Also, ask if they are board-certified. General surgeons are legally permitted to perform cosmetic surgeries, but board-certified Plastic Surgeons complete additional, extensive training in the specialized field of plastic surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeons have more knowledge and skill than surgeons who are not.

To be recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the surgeon must:

  • Receive five years of specialized surgical training, which include two years of focused study on plastic surgery.
  • Complete a residency program in plastic surgery.
  • Pass oral and written plastic surgery examinations.

The benefits of choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon cannot be overstated. They include:

Continued Education

An important advantage of a board-certified surgeon is their training and continued education. To keep their certification in good standing, the plastic surgeon must pass a written exam every ten years. This additional testing ensures they are current on advanced procedures and the latest technologies.


Most breast augmentation candidates are unaware that any licensed physician may legally perform a breast augmentation surgery regardless of medical training. Just because a doctor performs the procedure, it does not qualify them as an expert. To avoid risk and associated breast augmentation complications, you should insist your doctor has the proper certification for your procedure.


Ethical standards are held high with board-certified surgeons. A “patient comes first” process, where patient safety is above all other considerations, is the norm. You should expect a thorough explanation of all risks associated with your procedure and the course of actions taken to ensure your complete safety.


You should have the opportunity of a meeting with your Plastic Surgeon face-to-face. Here you can share your concerns and ask questions, as well as learn about the available options for this procedure. The surgeon will review your medical history with you and provide an exam for planning purposes.

They will provide a surgical quote, so you understand the costs if you choose to proceed. You shouldn’t feel rushed during your consultation, and your surgeon should take the necessary time to answer all your questions and give follow up information for preparation and after surgery care.

Patient Reviews

Your surgeon should provide patient reviews and a gallery of photos of their past breast augmentation procedures. There is nothing more telling about the competence of a plastic surgeon than the testimonies of their patients. Also, physical evidence of before and after images will reveal what you can expect from their work.

A surgeon’s website can provide much of this information, but after a consultation, more specific examples should be available as they pertain to your unique body type and breast issues.

About Dr. Montante

Board-certified surgeon, Dr. Steven J. Montante, performs various cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures for the Richmond communities and the surrounding areas. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburg Medical School where he took part in many research projects and earned the Dr. Richard J. Behan Prize for Outstanding Performance in Surgery.

He completed his plastic surgery residency program at the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University. Here he served as a research fellow for Dr. Cohen and Dr. Dorne Yeager, Ph.D. and Director of the VCU Wound Healing Lab.  He is a member of the prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery.

To learn more about Dr. Montante and Breast Augmentation call  (804) 325-4795 or schedule a consultation today.