Because pregnancy, genetics, or age may bring vaginal laxity with urinary incontinence and a loss of sexual pleasure, many women look to revive their vaginal health safely and effectively. Geneveve is a clinically proven solution that reinvigorates and tightens vaginal tissue after only one treatment. This non-surgical treatment revives sensation and lubrication during intercourse while resolving an overactive bladder and urinary leakage as well. The procedure requires no downtime or anesthesia and can be completed with one 30-minute, non-surgical session. If you are interested in a Geneveve vaginal rejuvenation surgery in Richmond, speak with our team.

About Geneveve

This vaginal rejuvenation treatment device is used to improve feminine wellness for women. It employs RF technology with integrated contact cooling to effectively treat vaginal health issues which include an overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, lubrication, pain, and loss of sexual functions like arousal and orgasm. Geneveve vaginal rejuvenation is clinically proven to:

  • Increase climax intensity and quality
  • Increase intimacy with vaginal sensitivity
  • Improve problematic bladder leakage or urinary incontinence
  • Reduce painful intercourse through increased lubrication
  • Tighten an overstretched or loose vaginal wall

Urinary Incontinence

This condition is frustrating for millions of patients nationwide and can be described simply as a loss of bladder control. It can be problematic in every aspect of the patient’s life, causing anxiety at work or in social settings. Men and women both suffer from urinary incontinence, but the condition is more common with women. Studies indicate more than 50% of older women have some form of urinary incontinence.

Urine leakage is the main symptom, which often occurs when you lift something heavy, jog, sneeze, cough or laugh. Stress incontinence is caused by a weakening of the muscle and tissue around the bladder which struggles to remain closed when pressed.

Vaginal Laxity

When collagen levels decrease because of aging or childbirth, a loss of vaginal sensations may result. All skin depends on the protein collagen for structure and support, and when these levels are low, vaginal laxity may decrease sensation. The vaginal walls may also lose shape and tightness.

All of these changes may lead to:

  • Reduced sexual pleasure
  • A decrease in vaginal sensation
  • Lower sexual confidence

Vaginal laxity affects millions of women with 88% surveyed citing it is their number one physical change resulting from vaginal childbirth. It is also underreported, with 83% of patients seen by their doctors not reporting this condition. Subsequently, vaginal laxity can create a problem for a woman’s well-being and vaginal health.

The Geneveve Treatment

Geneveve is a non-surgical treatment provided in our Richmond office for vaginal rejuvenation. It treats urinary incontinence and revitalizes vaginal tissues. Montante Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics can effectively treat vaginal changes caused by pregnancy or aging with a quick and safe treatment, with no downtime.

With this convenient, painless and non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment, women experience renewed confidence with less urine leakage and improved intimacy – all with a 30-minute treatment.

This vaginal rejuvenation procedure in Richmond uses patented surface cooling and deep heating to stimulate collagen regeneration by triggering the body’s natural regenerative process. Patients who’ve undergone this convenient and comfortable procedure agree it works. Though results vary from patient to patient, 90% of patients report significant and sustained sensation, tightening, and satisfaction 60 to 90 days after treatment. These results can last a year or longer. This is an in-office treatment that requires no anesthesia and involves no pain. A treatment tip, which is about the diameter of a fountain pen, is inserted just inside the vaginal opening. Then the tip will be rotated delivering optimal cooling and heat. The vaginal walls will then start replenishing tissue-supporting collagen to improve vaginal tightening and control.

Why Consider Geneveve?

If you are dealing with the following issues, you may wish to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Montante in Richmond to discuss your options with Geneveve. Vaginal rejuvenation could help with:

  • Tampons feeling like they are slipping out
  • Vagina feeling loose during intercourse
  • Reduce the feeling of decreased sensation during intimacy

While many women are excellent candidates for this treatment, those who have pacemakers should not undergo this procedure. Results vary from patient to patient with some feeling a difference immediately while others require more time for the new collagen to develop and make a difference. These results may take up to three months to fully develop. The results include a remodeling of the vaginal tissue with a restoration of a thicker, firmer vaginal wall. The procedure will improve urge and stress incontinence by providing deep support for the urethra and adjacent tissue. Regular activities can resume immediately including sexual intimacy. A patient’s unique ability to produce collagen causes results to vary from one patient to the next. Typically, results last approximately one year.

Contact Our Richmond Doctor About a Geneveve Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure

If you have issues with vaginal laxity or incontinence and want to learn more about the Geneveve vaginal rejuvenation treatment in our Richmond office, a consultation with Dr. Montante will answer all your questions and give you enough information to make an informed decision. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.