7 Reasons to Try SkinPen MicroNeedling this Fall

The weather is cooling as the autumn air moves in. Gone are the heat and humidity of summer, replaced by the lower temperatures of fall. Now is the time for skin rejuvenation, with the shorter days that find us spending less time in the sun. Now is the perfect time to explore the fabulous treatment option of SkinPen MicroNeedling to diminish acne scarring, sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, and fine lines.

MicroNeedling is a type of skin resurfacing that is effective in stimulating the body’s natural healing process. It creates a series of microscopic punctures that push collagen production into overdrive. Then your skin replaces old damaged skin cells with new healthy ones, restoring your glow for the days and weeks to come.

So, why is SkinPen MicroNeedling best suited for you this fall? Here are a few of many reasons why:

1. Fantastic Treatment for Any Skin Type

Because the treatment employs the body’s natural healing process, MicroNeedling can treat a broad range of skin issues for any skin type. These include blemishes like stretch marks, ice-pick acne scars, and enlarged pores.

2. It’s All Natural

SkinPen MicoNeedling requires no surgery, harsh chemicals, or lasers. It simply allows the body to do its work by getting the process started. Your skin will become younger-looking, with a smoother, tighter, and firmer presence.

3. A Safe Skin Therapy

Some cosmetic treatments, such as certain lasers, are not suitable for dark skin tone. But MicroNeedling can get the job done for all skin types. It is safe for light skin to very dark skin, and it offers almost no risk of hyperpigmentation. It’s also an excellent treatment for sensitive light skin associated with redhead complexions and patients who are acne-prone.

4. Little to No Downtime

With the holidays approaching, we know you want to look your best. But if time is a factor and you can’t afford the downtime, SkinPen maybe your best option. Although your face may get a little pinkish, like a slight sunburn, most patients don’t miss a day at work or school.

5. Quick Results

Another advantage of SkinPen MicroNeedling is that it delivers benefits quickly to the patient. In just a few weeks, your skin will look firm and smooth. Visible improvements take about two to three weeks and will continue to improve over the next two to three months.

6. Cost-Effective

Compared to other skin rejuvenation therapies, SkinPen is highly cost-effective. You can count on skin improvements at an affordable price.

7. Have Glowing Skin by Thanksgiving

If you’re planning to visit family and friends during the holidays, or they’re coming to you, don’t you want to look fantastic before you see them? SkinPen MicroNeedling allows you to do just that. You’ll have radiant, smoother, and brighter skin even after one session. If you have a bit more time and can fit in three, you’ll look your best.

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